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Adult Education

The South London Liberal Synagogue offers various classes for adults, including Hebrew and Judaism on Tuesday evenings, which caters for those converting and anyone interested in learning more. We also run Hebrew from Scratch courses periodically and a shiur on the portion of the week. Occasional courses are offered in house, such as leyning, and by visiting teachers, with Rabbi Professor Jonathan Magonet having taught Early Prophets in recent years.

Religion School

Our religion school, known as Gesher, which means ‘bridge’ in Hebrew, meets weekly on Shabbat mornings (online on Sundays at present) and welcomes children where either parent is Jewish. Our curriculum is designed to help children develop confidence in being Jewish and to engender Jewish values. Children spend half the morning learning Hebrew and half exploring Jewish life, festivals, ethics and history. Our Hebrew curriculum is taught through various activities, including art, games and music. Children also take part in family services with their parents and carers, using a prayer book they have helped design. Remarkably, all current Gesher staff members, including our coordinator, went through the religion school at SLLS themselves.

To enrol your children in Gesher, or to find out more, please contact our rabbi or the synagogue office.


Parents and Babies Group

A parents’ and babies’ group, Tinokot (babies in Hebrew), itself forms a bridge to the religion school, which children enter upon reaching school age. Activities are expected to resume when we return to the building. 

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