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South London Liberal Synagogue is a lively Jewish community in the heart of South London


Welcome to South London Liberal Synagogue

South London Liberal Synagogue is a diverse and inclusive Jewish community in the heart of south London.

About the Community

Services are held every Shabbat and on Festivals and encompass traditional and modern practices. Hebrew and English are used in the services  which use the Liberal Judaism siddur, Siddur Lev Chadash. Services are led by our minister, Student Rabbi Nathan Godleman and our lay leaders. We hold regular family services, led by Gesher pupils with some adult help.

Abraham's Tent Project

SLLS is in the process of launching a project to convert part of the synagogue building back into use as a flat for a refugee family.  It is called the Abraham's Tent Project because of the Midrash (Jewish commentary) that Abraham's tent was open on all sides to welcome strangers.  This work is being led by a team of volunteers from within our community.  The official project launch is in February, but we are trying to bring forward work where possible recognising the interest in this project.

If you want to find out more about what the community has been doing recently, please check out our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

South London Liberal Synagogue is a registered charity number 236711

Next Jewish Festival

Purim falls on 12th March 2017 and there is a service at Unknown

Service and Events Calender

What's On

Siddur Book Shabbat Mishpatim Service
Saturday 25th February
09:30 - Torah Study, Judaism and social justice
11:00 - Shabbat morning service with Student Rabbi Nathan Godleman
13.00 - Abraham's Tent Launch **Please note this event is now full. Only for guests who have RSVP'd**
Siddur Book Shabbat Terumah Service 
Saturday 4th March
11:00 - Shabbat morning service 

Abraham's Tent Project

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